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Sample Sencha+Phonegap 1.6 projects
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Phonegap + Sencha demo

This is a sample phonegap 1.6 project with slides for our presentation given at 2nd Phonegap Paris Meetup the 12th April 2012. Proudly brought to you by the revolunet team.

We provide a sample Sencha Touch 2 app that loads contacts right from the phone and display them in a ListView and in a Carousel.

There is both an Android and a iOS sample Project.

This is a good start to setup a new phonegap+sencha MVC project.

Features inside :

  • sample Phonegap projects for android/ios
  • sample Sencha Touch 2 MVC application
  • phonegap loads the contacts from the phone then fills a Sencha data store

Basic Android dev environnement setup

I don't use eclipse, just ant (see android cmdline setup)

1- Clone a sample phonegap project

2- Edit assets/www folder and AndroidManifest.xml if needed

3- run ant debug install to launch on AVD or physical device

4- Enjoy :)

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