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Export your code to nicely formatted HTML
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Sublime Text 2 HTML Export

A simple ST2 plugin to help you export your code in a single HTML file.

Your code, needed JS and CSS are bundled in a single HTML file and displayed in your browser.

Support many syntaxes thanks to CodeMirror 2

Installation :

  • you should use sublime package manager
  • use cmd+shift+P then Package Control: Install Package
  • look for Html Export and install it.

Usage :

  • use cmd+shift+P then Html Export to export the current file
  • or bind some key in your user key binding
  • in your HTML Export user settings, customize your codeMirror configuration if needed (lineNumbers, theme...)

Uses :

Todo :

  • Selectable theme
  • Export and publish

The code is available at github

Licence MIT :

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