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# -*- encoding: UTF-8 -*-
import sublime, sublime_plugin
import base64
import urllib
class WebCodec(object):
""" Simple naive interface for codecs """
def encode(self, data):
return data
def decode(self, data):
return data
class UrlCodec(WebCodec):
""" url encode/decoder """
def encode(self, data):
return urllib.quote(data)
def escape(self, data):
return urllib.quote(data, '/@+*')
def encodeURI(self, data):
return urllib.quote(data, ';,/?:@&=+$-_.!~*()#\'')
def encodeURIComponent(self, data):
return urllib.quote(data, '-_.!~*()\'')
def decode(self, data):
return urllib.unquote(data)
class Base64Codec(WebCodec):
""" base64 encode/decoder """
def encode(self, data):
return base64.b64encode(data)
def decode(self, data):
return base64.b64decode(data)
class HtmlCodec(WebCodec):
""" html encode/decoder """
['&', '&'],
['<', '&lt;'],
['>', '&gt;'],
['"', '&quot;'],
def encode(self, data):
for from_, to in self.CODES:
data = data.replace(from_, to)
return data
def decode(self, data):
for from_, to in self.CODES:
data = data.replace(to, from_)
return data
'url': UrlCodec(),
'base64': Base64Codec(),
'html': HtmlCodec()
class WebEncodersCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
""" encode/decode selectedtext for the web"""
def run(self, edit, mode='encode', codec='url'):
if not codec in WEB_CODECS:
raise Exception('codec %s not implemented' % codec)
regions = self.view.sel()
encoding = self.view.encoding()
if encoding == 'Undefined':
encoding = 'UTF-8'
elif encoding == 'Western (Windows 1252)':
encoding = 'windows-1252'
for region in regions:
data = (self.view.substr(region).encode(encoding))
replaced = getattr(WEB_CODECS[codec], mode)(data).decode(encoding)
self.view.replace(edit, region, replaced)
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