MVC Web Application Framework for NodeJS written in CoffeeScript
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MVC Web Application Framework for NodeJS written in CoffeeScript

CoreJS is an Open Source Web Application Framework, using the MVC Architecture written in CoffeeScript, allowing you to create Powerful Web Applications with ease, keeping your code clean & readable.

Using an Object Oriented workflow, you can create, extend and reuse classes to be used within your applications. You can configure several environments for your applications, using a common configuration approach. Prototypal inheritance is used behind the scenes to provide a simpler Object Oriented Inheritance.

You have a build system based on Cake, CoffeeScript's build tool similar to Make and Rake. This allows you to automate and configure several aspects of your applications, such as building the documentation, or performing maintenance / cleanup.


  • Model-View-Controller Architecture.
  • Flexible & Intuitive routing system
  • Built-in Controller Authentication, seamlessly integrated with Sessions
  • Route & Request Validation, with built-in Authentication
  • Powerful Configuration Interface (Framework & Application)
  • Handle All HTTP Methods (RESTFUL api)
  • Support for Application Components (Addons)
  • 100% Evented & Asynchronous implementation (Framework & Application)
  • Support for Multicore systems
  • Virtual Hosts support
  • Flexible Server Environments
  • Static File Server support (supporting indexFile, Custom Headers & Relative Paths)
  • Error & Event Handling/Logging
  • Robust View Rendering mechanisms
  • View Partials support (including Nested)
  • View Caching Support (improved performance)
  • Integrated CoffeeScript Template engine
  • Built-in Markdown support in Templates & Application Internals
  • Dynamic & Extensible View Helpers
  • Customized HTTP Headers
  • Cookies Support
  • REDIS Memory Store support
  • REDIS Databases management tools & config
  • Sessions Support via REDIS backend
  • MySQL Database Support & Helpers
  • MySQL Query Caching, via REDIS backend
  • Response Caching support via REDIS backend
  • File Uploads & POST Data
  • Amazon S3 Support
  • Bluefish Encryption
  • Mailer Support (SMTP/Sendmail)
  • CSRF Protection mechanism
  • Command line tools to start/stop server & create servers/applications
  • Automatic CURL requests built-in for debugging (no need to open the browser)


  • Ernesto Mendez (der)

More Information

CoreJS has been released on a MIT License.