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-and welcome to
-my example project
-{this|a} {demonstration|extended demo}
-how to prototype with Konversation.
- What's your name (please answer with a full sentence)?
[My name is John Doe] [Tell me a joke]

!My name is {{name:any}}
!I'm {|called} {{name:any}}
!You can call me {{name:any}}
-{Nice|I'm glad} to meet you $name!
-What a cool name.
-Do you like to hear a {|funny|fantastic} joke $name?
-Are you interested in a {|great} joke?
~Please say yes!
[yes] [no]

!Yes {|of cause|for sure}
!{|Yes} tell me a {|funny|fantastic|great} joke {|please}
!Yet another
!Eh no But tell me a joke
-What does a snail say when he finds himself on a turtle’s back? <break/> Wheeee!!!
-What is the best season to jump on a trampoline? <break/> Spring time.
-Why did the physics teacher break up with the biology teacher? <break/> There was no chemistry.
[Yet another] [bye]

-See you soon

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