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Deal with indentation gaps #14

buschtoens opened this Issue May 27, 2013 · 2 comments

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When you leave blank lines without the proper indentation between two properties css-whitespace fails. This is a problem, becaue many code editors automatically remove the whitespace in otherwise empty lines.

css-whitespace should ignore those lines, i.e. remove every line that only contains whitespace: css.replace(/\s+\n/gm, "");

@buschtoens buschtoens referenced this issue in reworkcss/rework May 27, 2013

Stylus/sass/less-like nesting #85


css.replace(/[^\S\n]+\n$/gm, "") looks better. Now it seesm to work. I also auto remove all \r, because they aren't stripped out by css-whitespace.

function parse(css) {
  return rework(
      css.replace(/(?:[^\S\n]+\n|\r)$/gm, "")
rework member
tj commented Jun 2, 2013

ah yeah I always miss this since my editor strips trailing ws, ill patch

@tj tj closed this in e122484 Jun 2, 2013
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