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Ensure prefilter is preserved when drilling down to next level #9

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2 participants

Ben Clinkinbeard Conrad Zimmerman
Ben Clinkinbeard

Without this, only files @imported directly from the entry file are passed to prefilter.

Ben Clinkinbeard

Any chance you can get this pushed out to npm? I need it for the atomify-css upgrade I am working on today. :)

Conrad Zimmerman conradz merged commit 5059e2e into from
Conrad Zimmerman

Sorry for the delay, it's now published as v0.6.1 (patch version since I consider this a bug). I also added a test so this won't happen again.

Ben Clinkinbeard bclinkinbeard deleted the branch
Ben Clinkinbeard

Perfect, thanks! And sorry for pestering. :)

Conrad Zimmerman

No problem, I actually had somehow missed this, so it was great to be reminded!

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7 index.js
@@ -83,8 +83,11 @@ function getImport(scope, opts, rule) {
scope[file] = true;
- var importDir = path.dirname(file),
- importOpts = { dir: importDir, root: opts.root },
+ var importOpts = {
+ dir: path.dirname(file),
+ root: opts.root,
+ prefilter: opts.prefilter
+ },
contents = fs.readFileSync(file, 'utf8');
if (opts.prefilter) {
contents = opts.prefilter(contents, file);
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