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I think it's safe to say Rework is being used in production quite a bit, so between that and the new ^ behavior of npm I am thinking a 1.0.0 release makes sense.

Would you guys be open to that once we break out the plugins?


yup, need css-parse and css-stringify v2. basically we just need to revert reworkcss/css-parse@190ba98 and make sure source maps work flawlessly with

/cc @conradz

@conradz conradz referenced this issue in reworkcss/css-parse Mar 6, 2014

Source map fixes #74


@conradz has done a great job with sourcemaps reworkcss/css-parse#74

the following tasks are what I believe are necessary for rework v1 and css-parse/css-stringify v2.

  • apply previous sourcemap - shouldn't be difficult with @conradz's work and source-map
  • better error reporting #6 #89 - ideally, there should be an external utility used by plugins that does something like createContext(node) and prints out the filename as well as the source string where the error occurred. there's an issue here somewhere here where we tried to discuss how it should work, but first we need the next part.
  • document the AST, node.position, and error reporting

since rework itself will be very small with all the plugins in separate repos, it would be nice to cleanup the readme and point to respective repos for docs. i.e. point to css-parse for the AST and errors, rework-visit, and each specific plugin.

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Closing as question was answered.

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We might be better off doing a RC so plugin authors have a bit of time to migrate and surface any issues. Especially since we're using parse/stringify directly now, and there are some features in parse that aren't yet supported in stringify.


I think we can avoid a RC since we are changing the major version. Anyone following semver will need to manually update the version they depend on, and anyone not following semver deserves the headache. :)

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Well, I think RC gives us time to find issues and have more plugins migrated by the time the final release is out.

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