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Affero licensed Community Currency web software derived from Insoshi

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OsCurrency software

join the OsCurrency Google group at

and join the Insoshi Google group at

Get Git

The source code to Insoshi is managed via Git, a version control system developed by Linus Torvalds to host the Linux kernel.

The first step is to install it from here:

Linux and Mac users should have no problems; Windows users might have to install Cygwin ( first.

Installing the app

Here are the steps to get up and running with the OsCurrency Rails app.

Git steps

Our public Git repository is hosted on GitHub and can be viewed at

You can clone the the repository with the command

$ git clone git://

Edit config/config.yml and run heroku_install:

$ script/heroku_install

Admin user

To sign in as the pre-configured admin user, use

password: admin

You should update the email address and password.

To see site preferences such as email settings, click on the “Admin view” and the click on “Prefs” in the menu. Click the “Edit” link to customize the preferences for your particular site.


See the file LICENSE.

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