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Node-based CLI utility for local matcher-core configs' headless testing 🎈
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matcher-cli: CLI utility for matcher-core

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Note: This library primarily consists of utilities for developers, and not necessarily required for projects which are using matcher-core directly, but can be useful as a toolkit for diagnostics and debugging purposes.

A Node-based CLI utility for headlessly testing custom matcher-core configurations, this module eases any development process on the matcher-core library by allowing the user to run a set of commands on their locally puppeteer-deployed Chromium environment in a headless manner, i.e., right from the CLI, without the need to open the browser whatsoever, be it testing, demonstration, debugging issues, etc.

matcher-cli enables headless support for all of these tasks, and can easily integrate with your choice of CI to automate any of the above tasks right inside your CI. For more details on automating tasks and cross-posting to different sites (including issues and PRs on GitHub), checkout the ci-ops branch of this repository.

Interactive Demonstration

$ bash <(curl -s


  • Clone this repository: git clone
  • Navigate inside the repository and npm i.
  • Run npm start to get started!

Building from source

  • Currently, npm run building inside the repository will initiate two build commands, namely,
    • npm run build:lint: Runs ESLint and fixes all "fixable" linting errors, otherwise reports them.
    • npm run build:terser: Runs Terser and creates a minified source file, matcher.unc.min.js.
  • After the build script above exits successfully, you may test out your modifications by npm starting.
  • Remember to always build the source code before submitting a PR!


Points are stated according in order of occurrence of their code segments.

  • matcher.js (entry point)

    • Checks for user's environment. Default environment is set to DEV, and can be changed to PROD for the end-user.
    • Initializes Vorpal, the helper library used for different customized operations inside the CLI.
    • Checks validity of the input arguments, and fetches appropriate data using vorpalify helper function.
  • src/matcher-commands.js

    • Consists of all non-algorithmic commands (such as update and clear) and is a valid point for additional of newer external commands. However, it is strongly recommended that you create an external file with your command functions, and require those inside this file to add custom user-defined commands.
    • Collects all command references from different locations, and exports them to the entry point. Be sure to module.export your command if you plan on adding a custom one.
  • src/matcher-summon.js

    • Essentially consists of a single IIFE, named summoner that calls on the following functions.
      • initiateServer: executes a live-server query, as specified in utils/matcher-init-query.js, and deploys a local server under the given constraints. This server will act as the target for setting up our headless Chromium environment to run the commands on. Additional parameters can be found in .env_vars.json.
      • invoke: Parent of algorithmic commands' (such as matches and corners) closures. Also, initializes puppeteer-specific-port in our deployed server, after which, it performs a number of asynchronous headless operations on the page, along with some synchronous validations. Returns all the matches and corners found to the summoner.
  • src/matcher-updater.js

    • Checks the user's version against the current release version.
    • If a mismatch is found, updates dependencies, and the minified source file.
    • Originally designed to incorporate an "independent updation system" into the repository to ward off any inconveniences that the non-technical users might face during synchronizing with the latest release, such as git and npm commands, etc.
  • utils/



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