Installation scripts for the runtime modules of REXYGEN on Raspberry Pi
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Installing REXYGEN runtime modules on Raspberry Pi

REXYGEN is a family of software products for automation projects. You can use it in all fields of automation, robotics, measurements and feedback control.

By installing runtime modules of REXYGEN on your Raspberry Pi minicomputer you turn it into a universal programmable automation unit. Or a soft-PLC if you prefer the industrial automation terminology. Learn more...

Installation instructions

  • On your Raspberry Pi, install the Git version control tool

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install git
  • Go to your home directory

    cd ~
  • Download the latest revision of installation scripts

    git clone --branch v2.50
  • Change the working directory

    cd rex-install-rpi
  • Depending on your hardware, run only one of the following installation scripts.

    • sudo bash (for bare Raspberry Pi)
    • sudo bash (for Raspberry Pi with the Monarco HAT)
    • sudo bash (for Raspberry Pi with UniPi extension board)
    • sudo bash (for Raspberry Pi with PiFace Digital extension board)
  • Perform reboot if you are asked for it and you are done.

  • Start programming your Raspberry Pi using the REXYGEN Studio

Documentation and support

Additional information