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Crowd-sourced COVID-19 Dataset Tracking Involuntary Government Restrictions (TIGR)

Step 1: Think of a restriction you heard a government imposing to try to fight COVID-19, like...

On March 12th, Ohio banned gatherings of more than 100 people

On March 15th, Saudi Arabia banned flights to and from hotspot countries

On January 23, Wuhan, China restricted all nonessential domestic travel.

Any example back to December 1, 2019

Step 2: Find an online news article that documents that restriction

Google News


Wikipedia's citations

Step 3: Convince yourself that the restriction was

  • By a government

  • Mandatory (legally required)

  • New (a change to the previous rules)

and was not ....

  • A recomendation (CDC recommending canceling gatherings of more than 50 people)

  • Private (Google requested its employees transition to working remotely)

  • Pre-existing (Don't report that China currently has a ban on flights now, only report if China made the CHANGE on the date you give)

Step 4 Submit a report of it to the dataset

Step 5 when all done remember to

Share the project on Twitter

Submit another Report

Additional Resources

View the Data Collected So Far

View Cross National Estimates of COVID-19 R0



A: Corresponding author Rex W. Douglass (PhD) @RexDouglass


A: The Machine Learning for Social Science Lab, Center for Peace and Security Studies, University of California San Diego


A: We don't know the answers to two important questions:

  1. How government interventions changes the rate of growth in COVID19 spread within a community

  2. What determines when governments will implement some interventions rather than others

Q: How?

A: The data and code are released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

If you use this in analysis or reproduce it in any way, it must be accompanied with the latest citation available here

Q: What?

The data are location, restriction, date tripplies submitted by volenteers. Each has a source URL submitted through the Google Form survey.

The schema/codebook for the data is taken directly from the Google Form, which changes slightly to fix spellings, add options, or respond to coder feedback.

A stable latest version of the data is made available for consumption as a tsv file here

Efforts will be made to maintain the relationship between letter scores and original answers. Any drastic changes will be forked as a new 1.? version number.

Q: I found an error!

A: Open an issue ticket with the specific location, date, and coding that you find in error and what you think it should be. We'll review the originally submitted report and make the change if needed.

We also aggregate over reports so if you find a source that says different, please submit it and we'll estimate a closer answer.


Crowd-sourced COVID-19 Dataset Tracking Involuntary Government Restrictions (TIGR)






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