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info Note: All hosted unstable and staged binaries older than 0.11.2-rc1 have been pruned due to quota restrictions.

The long-term goal of the REX-Ray project is to enable collaboration between organizations focused on creating enterprise-grade storage plugins for the Container Storage Interface (CSI). As a rapidly changing specification, CSI support within REX-Ray will be planned when CSI reaches version 1.0, currently projected for a late 2018 release. In the interim, there remains active engagement with the project to support the community.

REX-Ray provides a vendor agnostic storage orchestration engine. The primary design goal is to provide persistent storage for Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesos.

It is additionally available as a Go package, CLI tool, and Linux service which enables it to be used for additional use cases.

Documentation Docs

You will find complete documentation for REX-Ray at, including licensing and support information. Documentation provided at RTD is based on the latest stable build. The /.docs directory in this repo will refer to the latest or specific commit.


REX-Ray is available as a standalone process today and as a distributed model of client-server. The client performs a level abstraction of local host processes (request for volume attachment, discovery, format, and mounting of devices) while the server provides the necessary abstraction of the control plane for multiple storage platforms/

Storage Provider Support

The following storage providers and platforms are supported by REX-Ray.

Provider Storage Platform Docker Containerized
Amazon EC2 EBS
Ceph RBD
Dell EMC Isilon
DigitalOcean Block Storage
FittedCloud EBS Optimizer
Google GCE Persistent Disk
Microsoft Azure Unmanaged Disk
OpenStack Cinder
VirtualBox Virtual Media

Operating System Support

The following operating systems are supported by REX-Ray:

OS Command Line Service
Ubuntu 12+
Debian 6+
CentOS 6+
TinyLinux (boot2docker)
OS X Yosemite+


The following command will install the REX-Ray client-server tool. If using CentOS, Debian, RHEL, or Ubuntu the necessary service manager is used to bootstrap the process on startup

curl -sSL | sh -

Runtime - CLI

REX-Ray can be run as an interactive CLI to perform volume management capabilities.

$ export REXRAY_SERVICE=ebs
$ export EBS_ACCESSKEY=access_key
$ export EBS_SECRETKEY=secret_key
$ rexray volume ls
ID            Name  Status    Size
vol-6ac6c7d6        attached  8

Runtime - Service (Docker)

Additionally, it can be run as a service to support Docker, Mesos, and other platforms that can communicate through HTTP/JSON.

$ export REXRAY_SERVICE=ebs
$ export EBS_ACCESSKEY=access_key
$ export EBS_SECRETKEY=secret_key
$ rexray service start
Starting REX-Ray...SUCCESS!

  The REX-Ray daemon is now running at PID XX. To
  shutdown the daemon execute the following command:

    sudo /usr/bin/rexray stop

$ docker run -ti --volume-driver=rexray -v test:/test busybox
$ df -h /test

Runtime - Docker Plugin

Starting with Docker 1.13, Docker now supports a new plugin architecture in which plugins can be installed as containers.

$ docker plugin install rexray/ebs EBS_ACCESSKEY=access_key EBS_SECRETKEY=secret_key
Plugin "rexray/ebs:latest" is requesting the following privileges:
 - network: [host]
 - mount: [/dev]
 - allow-all-devices: [true]
 - capabilities: [CAP_SYS_ADMIN]
Do you grant the above permissions? [y/N] y
latest: Pulling from rexray/ebs
2ef3a0b3d192: Download complete
Digest: sha256:86a3bf7fdab857c955d7ef3fb94c01e350e34ba0f7fd3d0bd485e45f1592e1c2
Status: Downloaded newer image for rexray/ebs:latest
Installed plugin rexray/ebs:latest

$ docker plugin ls
ID                  NAME                   DESCRIPTION              ENABLED
450420731dc3        rexray/ebs:latest      REX-Ray for Amazon EBS   true

$ docker run -ti --volume-driver=rexray/ebs -v test:/test busybox
$ df -h /test