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On-the-fly image transforming service written in Node.js, based on libvips
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On-the-fly image transforming service written in Node.js.
Uses libvips for performant image operations.



npm install -g mead
mead --config path/to/config.js


Mead can be passed the path of a configuration file. It can be either a plain JSON file or a node module that exports a plain object. The passed configuration will be merged with the defaults. Example:


module.exports = {
  sources: [{
    name: 'holiday',
    adapter: 'fs',
    config: {
      basePath: '/home/rexxars/photos/holiday',
      secureUrlToken: 'mootools'
  }, {
    name: 'proxy',
    adapter: 'proxy',
    config: {
      secureUrlToken: 'foobar'
  }, {
    name: 'hacknights',
    adapter: 'webfolder',
    config: {
      baseUrl: ''

  plugins: [


mead --config=meadConfig.js

This will expose three channels (holiday, proxy and hacknights), which all use different source adapters. The three adapters mentioned (fs, proxy and webfolder) are plugins which are bundled with mead and enabled by default.

We're also telling mead to load the additional something-plugin.

Advanced configuration

For more fine grained control, you can point to a module which exports a function, which will receive the default configuration as it's only argument and should return a new configuration. Example:


module.exports = baseConfig => {
   * By default, mead will merge configurations using `lodash.merge`, which
   * concatenates arrays and merges objects. If we instead want to override
   * an array (for instance the plugins array), we can do that by manually
   * building the wanted configuration, as seen here.
   * Be sure to check `src/config/baseConfig` to see which defaults you are
   * overriding to make sure you don't disable any wanted functionality.
  return Object.assign({}, baseConfig, {
    // Lets only load the S3 storage plugin, and use an alternative URL signing method 
    plugins: [


MIT-licensed. See LICENSE.

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