Flat-file markdown "blog" system
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Flat-file markdown content (read: "blog") system

Important disclaimer

This is a fun project, but I have yet to really figure out what I think belongs as "core functionality" and what should be left for the user to implement. I wouldn't say I'm very proud of the API or code yet, either. So basically, I wouldn't really use this in production if I were you, but I'd definitely appreciate any help and feedback on features and API etc.

Rough API outline

var supermark = require('supermark');

supermark.findDocuments('/path/to/dir/**/*.md', {
    allowDuplicates: false, // Produce error if multiple documents has the same slug
    glob: { /* see https://github.com/isaacs/node-glob for options */ }
}, function onDocsFound(err, docs) {
    // docs being an array of objects returned from supermark-extract

supermark.findBySlug('some-slug', '/path/to/dir/**/*.md', function onDocFound(err, doc) {
    // woo, found it

Supermark standard

The standard is simple. It's just a markdown file with an additional header of properties. This header must include at least the Title property and a horizontal rule separating the header from the document. Example:

Title: Some awesome blog post
Slug: awesome-blog-post
# The content of this awesome post

Should follow here, as usual.

Allow properties:

  • Title - Required. Title of the document, kind of obvious, right?
  • Slug - A string that can be used as an identifier for the document. Should contain no spaces or special characters. Will be inferred from the title if not specified.
  • Excerpt - An excerpt of the document, as a string.
  • Date - An ISO-8601 date for when the document should be/was published.
  • Status - Either Published or Draft. Draft usually means the document won't be available to outside readers.
  • Visibility - Either Public or Private. Private usually means the document can be viewed with the right link, but does not show up in lists.
  • Author - Name and optionally email of the author, in "Name <email>" format
  • Tags - A (markdown) list of tags for this document
  • Categories - A (markdown) list of categories this document belongs to


Check out supermark-blog for a super-simple, naive blog implemented on top of Supermark.

Random thoughts for the future

  • Some basic options to fetch posts by tag/category etc, most can be implemented in userland
  • Function to render markdown to HTML react-markdown
  • Possible editor like markdown-editor that can save to files from browser, + extraction of header?
  • Add some kind of internal link standard + renderer support? eg: [tag:whatevs], [post:slug] etc?


MIT-licensed. See LICENSE.