Augmented Reality Framework for iOS
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PanicAR Framework

PanicAR Image

by doPanic GmbH - for sales and support contact

Why PanicAR?

  • It’s fast, simple and affordable
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • It’s completely customizable
  • It’s small (only ~4 mb)
  • It's platform agnostic - powered by Cocoa and Cocoa only
  • It’s ridiculously easy to integrate

Why PanicAR – really?

  • does the same things all the other frameworks do: even some more (i.e. "altitude")
  • maintained for you by us: new devices and new OS releases will be supported
  • pay on a per-app basis: a white-label license is really cheap (see here:
  • support for CocoaPods (

Get started now – using CocoaPods

Just add

pod 'PanicAR', '~> 2.1'

to your podfile and do a

pod install

simple as that. Really.

Read More

Check API Reference

Check the wiki for tipps and guides on how to implement:

For common build errors and other issues check: