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Utilities for Tagging and Automatically Deploying Tagged Releases
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  Use inside a Subversion Working Directory with all changes checked in.
  - Automatically finds the "trunk"
  - Automatically creates the "tags" directory at the project root
  - Creates a tag "tags/release-X" where X is the next integer

sbin/svncheckrel <SVN Project Root URL> <Deployment Target>
  Use to check is there's a new Release to deploy to Target
  - Exit Code is Success when the Release is ready to Deploy
  - Exit Code is Failure when the Release is already Deployed

sbin/svnexportrel <SVN Project Root URL> <Deployment Target>
  Use to deploy a Release to Target (does not check)
  - Copies Target to Target.old
  - SVN Exports the Latest Release
  - Creates RELEASE in Target for svncheckrel to use


  Puppet Module using these tools for automatic deployment.

  import "subversion"

  node web_server {
	include subversion

  	subversion::deploy {
		svnurl => "svn+ssh://",
		target => "/var/www/web-application",
		notify => Service['httpd']
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