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EasyPanel is a beautiful, customizable and flexible admin panel based on Livewire for Laravel.

EasyPanel screenshots

Features :

  • Easy to install
  • Multi Language
  • RTL and LTR mode
  • Sort Data just with a click
  • Support CKEditor and Persian Font for RTL mode
  • Create CRUD for every model in 1 minute
  • Manage route prefix and addresses
  • A beautiful UI/UX with AdminMart template
  • Add/remove Admins with command line
  • UserProviders and Authentication classes are customizable and you can change them
  • You can create your own routes and customize view and components
  • Manage pagination count
  • Real time validation with Livewire
  • A small and beautiful TODO (You can disable it in config)
  • Create a nice and responsive view based on your data in config file for every CRUDs
  • Strong commands to manage package
  • Custom validation based on config file
  • Ajax search with Livewire in every column which you want


  1. Install the Package in Laravel project with Composer.
composer require rezaamini-ir/laravel-easypanel
  1. Publish EasyPanel files with one command :
php artisan panel:install

Congrats! You installed the package, follow the Usage section.


First you have to define admins then You can create a CRUD for a model. Follow the doc.

Define Admins

In default EasyPanel uses is_superuser column in your users table to detect an admin (you can customize it).

If you don't have any column in your users table you have to create a boolean column with is_superuser name then do these steps:

Run this command out to make a user as an admin:

php artisan panel:add [user_id]

To remove an admin you can execute this command:

php artisan panel:remove [user_id]

[user_id] : It's id of user that you want to make as an admin

These commands use UserProvider class in EasyPanel and You can use your own class instead of that and pass it in config file

Multi Lang

If you want change language of Module You have to pass 2 steps:

1 - copy en_panel.json file in resources/lang and paste it in this folder with your lang name like fr_panel.json then customize it. File format must have _panel.json suffix, e.g: fr_panel.json, fr is your language like : fa, en, fr, ar, ..

2 - Set your lang in easy panel config file in config/easy_panel.php in lang key, this value must be equal to your suffix language file name in the lang directory, like fr.


If you need TODO feature you have to publish TODO migration with this command

php artisan panel:migration

It will publish TODO's migration file then you can migrate the migrations with php artisan migrate.

After pass these steps, You must set todo key in config file to true.

Now you have a TODO inside your panel for each admin.


Base Config

Key Type Description
enable bool Module status
todo bool TODO feature status
rtl_model bool If you want a RTL base panel set it true
lang bool Your default language with this format : **_panel.json which you have to just use ** like en or fa
user_model string Address of User model class
auth_class string Address of user authentication class
admin_provider_class string Address of user provider class
column string That column in users table which determine user is admin or not
redirect_unauthorized string If user is unauthenticated it will be redirected to this address
route_prefix string Prefix of admin panel address e.g: if set it admin address will be :
pagination_count int Count of data which is showed in read action
lazy_mode bool Lazy mode for Real-Time Validation
actions array List of enabled action which you have created a crud config for them.

CRUD Component methods

Method/Property Return Type Description
create bool Create Action for this model
update bool Update Action for this model
delete bool Delete Action for this model
with_auth bool It will fill user_id key for create and update action with auth()->user()->id
getModel string CRUD Model
searchable array Columns in model table which you want to search in read action
validationRules array Validation rules in create and update action (it uses Laravel validation system)
inputs array Input name as key and Input type as value (for update and create action)
storePaths array Where every files of inputs will store
fields array Every data which you want to show in read action (if data is related on other tables pass it as an array, key is relation name and value is column name in related table)



    public function fields()
        return ['title', 'image', ''];

Form Inputs:

    public function inputs()
        return [
            'name' => 'text',
            'email' => 'email',
            'password' => 'password',
            'avatar' => 'file'
    public function inputs()
        return [
            'title' => 'text',
            'body' => 'ckeditor',
            'photo' => 'file',
            'status' => ['select' => [
                'published' => 'Publish Now!',
                'unpublished' => 'Publish Later..',

Dynamic value from a table

    public function inputs()
        return [
            'title' => 'text',
            'body' => 'ckeditor',
            'photo' => 'file',
            'category' => ['select' => 
                Category::where('active', true)
                    ->pluck('name', 'id') // [1 => 'IT', 2 => 'History', 2 => 'Medicine']

What do we use in this package?


If you feel you can improve our package You are free to send a pull request or submit an issue :)

V2 Path

  • ACL System
  • Logging System
  • CRUD Maker GUI
  • File manager
  • RTL Style
  • Translation
  • Custom menu
  • Relational inputs
  • Multiple Templates
  • More input types & editors
  • Admin Manager page in panel