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Here I show my code samples for job applications.

Job search problem

Imagine you have a bike and a driving license. You also found a job board with a list of companies offering a job. To get the job, you need to fulfill some requirements. There are 10.000 companies on the job board, 10 examples are as follows:

  • "Company A" requires an apartment or house, and property insurance.
  • "Company B" requires 5 door car or 4 door car, and a driver's license and car insurance.
  • "Company C" requires a social security number and a work permit.
  • "Company D" requires an apartment or a flat or a house.
  • "Company E" requires a driver's license and a 2 door car or a 3 door car or a 4 door car or a 5 door car.
  • "Company F" requires a scooter or a bike, or a motorcycle and a driver's license and motorcycle insurance.
  • "Company G" requires a massage qualification certificate and a liability insurance.
  • "Company H" requires a storage place or a garage.
  • "Company J" doesn't require anything, you can come and start working immediately.
  • "Company K" requires a PayPal account.

Your task is to write code that will calculate for which companies you can work and for which you can't. You can convert the statements like "Company J requires PayPal account" to whatever form or structure you need.


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