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Unfinished asteroids

Follow to the wiki where I've prepared a plot for you - our new employee.


I will try to get a new story every Saturday.

For support consider:

Let me know what you think - on twitter or rezoner1337[at]

More languages

If you are an experienced developer I encourage you to copy my graphics and stories and adopt them for your favorite language and/or stack. There is nothing wrong in having 10 examples in the same language for different frameworks/solutions.


Every time I get a new job I am being thrown right into middle of the action. No tutorials, no babysitting - just a real project and a task to complete.

It is a very stressful and frustrating at the beginning - but - after a short while not only I have completed the task - but also have this feeling that in a month of practice I've learned more than in a year of solving theoretical and imaginary problems.

So - I've prepared an unfinished game - and a plot for you as a new employee. Let me know does it work and what was your experience with it.