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Rezo Zero

Rezo Zero is a creative digital agency that creates and designs unique brand identities and tailor-made digital solutions.


  1. mixedfeed Public

    A PHP library to rule social-feeds, to entangle them with magic, a PHP library to gather them and bind them in darkness

    PHP 110 19

  2. Provide social network url for sharing.

    PHP 13 4

  3. subscribeme Public

    Simple mailing-list subscriber factory.

    PHP 6

  4. Simple PHP library to canonize email addresses from or other providers that allow several forms of email.

    PHP 9 1

  5. JS client for building HTML picture tags using Intervention Request images

    TypeScript 2

  6. tree-walker Public

    Creates a configurable tree walker using different definitions for each node based on its PHP class or interface.

    PHP 1


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