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Russell Frank & \today \\
\begin{center} \LARGE #1 \normalsize \end{center}
\vskip 0.1in
\head{CS112 Assignment \#1}
wordstat -l | -w | -p | -h INPUT\_FILE
-l & print the number of lines in INPUT\_FILE \\
-w & print the number of words in INPUT\_FILE \\
-p & print a report of palindromes in the INPUT\_FILE including frequency
and whether or not they appear in dict.txt\\
-h & print usage \\
I used C standard library functions for all data structure requirements.
I needed something with fast lookup and insert for the dictionary and the
list of words; so, I used bsearch for lookups and qsort for sorting. \\
Unfortunately, since I wasn't allowed to use some standard C library functions,
I had to rewrite bsearch and qsort. These are in mystdlib.c.
The design is a little inefficient because I don't use the results of the
failed bsearch()es for inserting values into the array. So, I append a
value on the end of the array and qsort(). This could be considered a flaw
in libc's bsearch function.
\section{RUNNING TIME}
The searches use a binary search and the inserts use qsort(). My qsort() is
implemented as a quicksort, which on average has sorting time $O(n \log n)$.
In the average case, binary searches are $O(\log n)$. So, the running time of
my algorithm in the average case is $O(n \log n + \log n) = O(n \log n)$.
My algorithm uses no extra memory past what is needed to store the words
themselves. So, $O(k + n)$, where $k$ is the number of files in the
dictionary and $n$ is the number of words in the input file.