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Commits on Aug 20, 2012
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
  1. @billdawson

    Merge pull request #2767 from pingwang2011/timob-10293

    billdawson committed
    timob-10293: Android: Transition all event names to lower case designs
  2. @srahim

    Merge pull request #2738 from Akylas/TC-1164

    srahim committed
    [TC-1164] Fixed TextWidget setValue when no value yet
  3. @mstepanov

    Merge pull request #2763 from vishalduggal/timob-10318

    mstepanov committed
    [TIMOB-10318] Start from initial state unless already animating
  4. @farfromrefug

    Follow Ti code practices

    farfromrefug committed
  5. Merge pull request #2759 from vishalduggal/timob-10454

    Opie Cyrus committed
    [TIMOB-10454] Update anvil tests to remove deprecated IOS code
  6. @srahim

    Merge pull request #2686 from BlainHamon/timob-10291

    srahim committed
    Timob 10291 - Update API and Doc to lower case events.
Commits on Aug 16, 2012
  1. @srahim

    Merge pull request #2723 from arthurevans/tidoc-545

    srahim committed
    [TIDOC-545] Fixed scroll event properties.
  2. Merge pull request #2769 from hieupham007/timob-10452

    ayeung committed
    timob-10452: Catch scrollview exception.
  3. @hieupham007
  4. Merge pull request #2768 from billdawson/timob-10473

    Arthur Evans committed
    TIMOB-10473 Tooling apidoc failure to parse should be fatal...
  5. Merge pull request #2770 from srahim/timob-10041-docfix

    Arthur Evans committed
    [TIMOB-10041]Fixing up doc bug
  6. @srahim

    [TIMOB-10041]Fixing up doc bug

    srahim committed
  7. @hieupham007
  8. @billdawson
  9. @vishalduggal

    Merge pull request #2765 from srahim/timob-10041

    vishalduggal committed
    [TIMOB-10041] iOS: Implementing trackSignificantLocationChange for Geolocation Module
  10. @srahim
  11. @srahim

    [TIMOB-100041]Update comment

    srahim committed
  12. @srahim

    [TIMOB-10041]More updates.

    srahim committed
  13. @vishalduggal
  14. @joshthecoder

    Merge pull request #2684 from billdawson/timob-9730

    joshthecoder committed
    Timob 9730 Android Support multiple JS files per module
  15. @vishalduggal
  16. @vishalduggal
  17. @cb1kenobi

    Merge pull request #2721 from bryan-m-hughes/timob-10374

    cb1kenobi committed
    [TIMOB-10374] Shimmed hint text so that it works in IE9
  18. @BlainHamon

    Merge pull request #2740 from mstepanov/timob-5178

    BlainHamon committed
    [TIMOB-5178] Duplicate Symbol conflicts
  19. Merge pull request #2743 from vishalduggal/timob-10000

    Arthur Evans committed
    [TIMOB-10000] Doc Update to remove references to deprecated code
Commits on Aug 15, 2012
  1. @pingwang2011
  2. @vishalduggal

    Merge pull request #2749 from pingwang2011/timob-10344

    vishalduggal committed
    timob-10344: Android: Implement applyProperties({}) method on Ti.UI objects to take a list of json properties as is done at create time
  3. @pingwang2011
  4. @mstepanov

    Merge pull request #2755 from vishalduggal/timob-10356

    mstepanov committed
    [TIMOB-10356] Revert fix for TIMOB-1902. Superceded by TIMOB-8720
  5. @vishalduggal
  6. @pingwang2011
Commits on Aug 14, 2012
  1. @srahim

    [TIMOB-10041]More Updates.

    srahim committed
  2. @billdawson

    Merge pull request #2742 from arthurevans/timob-9799

    billdawson committed
    [TIMOB-9799] Support varargs in jsduck generator
  3. @vishalduggal
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