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1) Whenever I upgrade Scilab, do I need to reinstall or recompile SIP?
Yes. If you are using a binary version of SIP, then you should
install a specific binary to your version of scilab. If you are
compiling from source, then you should recompile and re-install
2) When i run mogrify and the option '-segment' on an indexed image,
it crashes, with a message in the console:
memory.c:88: AcquireMemory: Assertion `size != 0' failed
This is a bug from ImageMagick 5.5.7. Currently there is no solution
to this, but please report to us if you encontered this bug with another
version of ImageMagick.
3) Scilab crashes when I try to read a truecolor image with an
accidental second output parameter.
This bug has been fixed since the new SIP development version of 20040520.
4) In Scilab-2.6 only there is a bug with color images:
! 161 !
! 200 !
! 3 !
! 161 200 3 !
The size of A was a column vector, but the size of B is now a row
vector. This does not occur in Scilab 2.7, but only in 2.6.
(thx to J. Druel for reporting)
1) Linux General Problems
If you SIP are to install sip from souce code, your system must
be prepared for compilation. That means you must have *all*
development packages of your system installed, unless you know
for sure what you don't need. My recommendations are:
- Don't trust your distribution's ImageMagick binary packages;
there's a chance they are buggy.
- Learn how to install ImageMagick from source. This way
you learn how to install most free software from source.
- Linux has nice windows-like features, but it is good
for you to learn it's much nicer UNlX features!
- Ask me questions by e-mail <rfabbri@(not this part) gmail d0t com>
2) RedHat 7.x and other common Linux problems
The imagemagick development RPM has been buggy in the past
RH releases. Please install ImageMagick from source. The
problem is that RH 7.x put the C language headers in
/usr/X11R6/include/X11/magick/magick but this is not informed
by the Magick-config utility. Maybe this happens with other RH
versions as well, so be aware. Here is a step-by-step procedure
for naive Linux users to install SIP:
- remove all imagemagick RPMs from your system
- install the latest ImageMagick from source:
./configure --enable-shared
make install
- edit /etc/, and add the following line to it:
- type
- fix the OTHERLIBS bug described in the file INSTALL.txt
- rebuild SIP (exec builder.sce as root)
3) Scilab crashes whenever a SIP function is called.
This is probably due to ImageMagick shared library conflicts in
your system. When uninstalling previous ImageMagick packages,
make SURE that your package manager has removed ALL related
files. ImageMagick is used by many other programs, so your package
manager might still keep some shared libs EVEN when it is told
to uninstall the package. That is why I recommend installing new
imagemagick packages under /usr/local. That way you can easily
check for conflicting imagemagick libraries in /usr/lib, in case
something strange occurs. If any libmagick* file is in /usr/lib,
just delete them; delete your sip installation; unpack it again;
exec builder.sce; exec loader.sce; sipdemo(); enjoy;
4) "sh: Magick-config: command not found"
If this message appears while running the builder.sce script
under UNlXs, just insert the full path to the "Magick-config" program
in your PATH and in root's PATH. Then run builder.sce again.
SIP - Scilab Image Processing toolbox
Copyright (C) 2002-2009 Ricardo Fabbri
See the file COPYING for license-related issues