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Please visist the "Pending" section at the SIP development home page:
- use double buffering the new way. see beginning comment of sip-intro.dem
- write a help intro
- put some pauses in the examples of the help pages since they will likely be
executed with "play".
- fix some help links in the see also sections
- write help for sip_exec
Leptonica Todo's (Including Google Summer of Code 2012)
- unsupervised classification of connected components, characters and words;
- digit recognition.
- a simple jbig2-type classifier, using various distance
metrics between image components (correlation, rank
hausdorff); see prog/jbcorrelation.c, prog/jbrankhaus.c
- a simple color segmenter, giving a smoothed image
with a small number of the most significant colors.
- wordsinorder: detects words in a binary image (document understanding)
- cool to check out if it works in arbitrary orientations
- function to interface: pixGetWordBoxesInTextlines
- rank filters
- pixRankFilterGray,
Current bugs (with Scilab 5.3 Ubuntu 11.04)
- in examples and demo, control the size of the window (imges too smal). This is
crucial for the case of bin.xpm and bin.png
- interferometry gui interactive profile examination doesn't work anymore
- make the help subtitle be "Functions" or something like that, instead of
another SIP title.
Scilab bugs
- try sun-java for getting copy/paste to work and other stuff.
- include gitweb link next to download to show recent commits + a link to the
most recent ChangeLog.txt file.
- can openjdk work well enough?
See also
- TaskFreak tasks should show up in sourceforge soon.