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Python DDNS client for Aliyun(


This version of DDNS client only supports auto updating 'A' type DomainRecord with IPV4 address.

Other types are not supported because they need following value format other than IP address:

  • 'NS', 'MX', 'CNAME' types DomainRecord need domain name format value
  • 'AAAA' type DomainRecord need IPV6 address format value
  • 'SRV' type DomainRecord need name.protocal format value
  • 'Explicit URL' and 'Implicit URL' need URL format value


Some 3rd party python libraries are required for aliyun-ddns-client as below, you can install it via pip or easy_install:

  • requests
  • netifaces (needed only when you want to get IP address from the interface setting, it maybe useful when you have multiple interfaces.)

For example:

# pip install requests
# pip install netifaces # optional 



  1. Download all files to somewhere, e,g: /opt/aliyun-ddns-client
  2. Rename "ddns.conf.example" to "ddns.conf" in the same dir
  3. Create a cronjob which execute "python" periodly, e,g: */5 * * * * cd /opt/aliyun-ddns-client && /usr/bin/python
  4. Make sure ddns.conf can be accessed by cronjob user


  1. Download all files to some where, e,g:/root/tools/aliyun-ddns-client
  2. Rename "ddns.conf.example" to "ddns.conf" in the same dir
  3. Copy two files: "ddns.timer" and "ddns.service" to "/usr/lib/systemd/system"
 root@local# systemctl daemon-reload
 root@local# systemctl start ddns.timer
 root@local# systemctl status ddns.timer -l


Required options need to be set in /etc/ddns.conf:

  • access_id
  • access_key
  • domain
  • sub_domain

Optional options:

  • type
  • debug
# access id obtains from aliyun
# access key obtains from aliyun
# it is not used at this moment, you can just ignore it
# turn on debug mode or not

# domain name, like
# subdomain name, like www, blog, bbs, *, @, ...
# resolve type, 'A', 'AAAA'..., currently it only supports 'A'



  1. Create a DNS resolve entry in Aliyun console manually, e,g:
  2. You can leave any IP address on Aliyun server for this entry, like
  3. Make sure all required options are inputted correctly in "ddns.conf"
  4. Enable the features you want to use.
  5. Make sure "ddns.conf" can be readable for the user who setup cron job

NOTICE: Only domain records both defined in local config file and Aliyun server will be updated


  • Q: Why it failed with error message "The input parameter "Timestamp" that is mandatory for processing this request is not supplied." in describeDomainRecords()?

    A: Please check what's the value in params 'TimeStamp'. If the value has big difference with the correct time, you need use ntpdate to sync system time to the correct one.

  • Q: Why it failed with error message "Failed to save the config value"?

    A: You need make sure current cronjob user has permission to write file /etc/ddns.conf.

  • Q: Why it raise exception "AttributeError: 'X509' object has no attribute '_x509'"?

    A: PyOpenSSL version need >= 0.14, and you may try to fix this problem by do following:

    sudo yum uninstall python-requests
    sudo pip uninstall pyopenssl cryptography requests
    sudo pip install requests