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My Project


VB.NET RFC Client Example

This example project shows how to call an ABAP function module (or BAPI) with RfcConnector

Calling a function module involves three steps:

  1. Connect to the SAP system using a Session instance
  2. Import the function module prototype
  3. Call the function with the desired parameters and receive the results
' create a session instance
Dim session as new NWRfcSession

' configure the connection (using connection data from SAPLogon entry)
session.RfcSystemData.ConnectString = "SAPLOGON_ID=my_system_id"

' fill in credentials
session.LogonData.Client = "000"
session.LogonData.User = "myuser"
session.LogonData.Password = "***"
session.LogonData.Language = "EN"

' connect to the SAP system
' import function module's prototype
Dim fn as FunctionCall
fn = Session.ImportCall("BAPI_FLIGHT_GETLIST", True)
' set importing parameters
fn.Importing("AIRLINE").value = "LH"
' call the function 
session.CallFunction(fn, True)
' process the result
For Each row As RfcFields In fn.Tables("FLIGHT_LIST").Rows
	Console.WriteLine(row("AIRLINE").value + " " + row("FLIGHTDATE").value)

For more information, please visit http://rfcconnector.com/