Portable Jekyll extensions I use for my website (to be used with jekyll_ext)
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My Jekyll Extensions

These are my extensions that I’m using for my personal blog at RFelix.com.

Each extension has a sample_data/ dir which contains example files and the directories that they should be in to help you use them.

Here’s a quick explanation of each extension:

  • archive_gen: allows you to automatically generate archive pages for dates like 2010/, 2010/01/, and 2010/01/12 using files in _layouts to specify what each page will look like. e.g. Posts for January 2010
  • tag_gen: allows you to automatically generate tag pages for each tag using files in _layouts to specify what each page will look like. e.g. Ruby
    • Thanks to danc, tag_gen now also creates a list of related tags that can be used (seem tag_gen/sample directory)
  • category_gen: allows you to automatically generate category pages for each category using files in _layouts to specify what each page will look like. e.g. Programming
  • categories_in_posts: folders created under _posts/ will be considered as categories for the post files in them.
  • tag_category_iterator: allows you to iterate over all tags/categories and then iterate over the posts in those tags/categories. You can use this to automatically generate a tag cloud and a category page listing. e.g. Tag Cloud and Topics Listing
  • post_preview: allows you to delimit your post and then extract a preview from and display a “Continue Reading…” link. e.g. RFelix.com Homepage

These extensions use jekyll_ext, which allows you to extend the Jekyll static blog generator without forking and modifying it’s codebase.
With this code, not only do your extensions live in your blog directory, but they can also be shared and reutilized.

Use these extensions with jekyll_ext by just cloning this repo into the extensions dir of your blog: git clone git://github.com/rfelix/my_jekyllextensions.git _extensions

More information about jekyll_ext can be found here: Jekyll Extensions -= Pain