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A selection of PowerShell scripts that make use of the Azure DevOps (TFS/VSTS) APIs
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Azure DevOps Powershell

A selection of PowerShell scripts that make use of the TFS/VSTS APIs, both the older .NET and Java ones and the prefered current REST API. If you are looking for the source for my VSTS Build Extensions you are in the wrong repo, look here in the vNextBuild repo

I had intended, going forward, to place all the code samples in use in blog posts here. However I have since found it eaiser to use Gists

There is more in the repo, as it is a bit of a catch all, but the items linked to from posts are as follows

.NET API (this API is being depricated)


  • REST versions of scripts to assist in the migration between TFS instances as detailed in this post
  • Script to create a standard set of tasks for backlog items in an iteration
  • Script to create releases notes for a build in markdown as detailed in this post
  • Running Test Suites within a network Isolated Lab Management environment when using TFS vNext build and release tooling as detailed in this post


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