A single Repo to contain the source for ALL my Azure DevOps Build/Release Extensions. The packages can be found in the VSTS Marketplace
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rfennell Change to the execution enginer to use the newer PowerShell3 mehod (#418

* Change to the execution engine to use the newer PowerShell3 method
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Extension Public Deployment Status
Build Utils Release Status - Build Utils Extension
DevTest Labs Release Status - DevTest Labs Extension
FileCopier Utils Release Status - FileCopiers Extension
GenerateReleaseNotes (PowerShell) Release Status - GenerateReleaseNotes Extension (PowerShell)
GenerateReleaseNotes (XPlat) Release Status - GenerateReleaseNotes Extension (XPlat)
Manifest Versioning Release Status - Manifest Versioning Extension
Pester Release Status - Pester Extension
StyleCop Release Status - StyleCop Extension
WIKI Updater Release Status - WIKI Updater Extension
Typemock Runner (deprecated) Release Status - Typemock Runner Extension

Azure DevOps Pipelines Extensions Repo

This repo contains Azure DevOps Services (VSTS) Server (TFS) Pipeline Extensions. It has evolved over time

  • Initially it contained PowerShell scripts to perform build tasks
  • Next I moved these scripts into VSTS/TFS Build tasks to wrapper PowerShell scripts.
  • Finally the tasks have been placed in VSTS/TFS extensions for ease of installation. Any remaining PowerShell scripts have been moved to this repo

Building Extensions

For details of how to build and deploy these tasks/extensions see this repo's wiki

Included Extensions in the Repo

For more details of how to use these tasks see this repo's wiki