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import { findFiles,
} from "./AppyVersionToJSONFileFunctions";
import tl = require("vsts-task-lib/task");
import fs = require("fs");
var path = tl.getInput("Path");
var versionNumber = tl.getInput("VersionNumber");
var versionRegex = tl.getInput("VersionRegex");
var field = tl.getInput("Field");
var outputversion = tl.getInput("outputversion");
var filenamePattern = tl.getInput("FilenamePattern");
var versionForJSONFileFormat = tl.getInput("versionForJSONFileFormat");
var useBuildNumberDirectly = tl.getBoolInput("useBuildNumberDirectly");
var recursion = tl.getBoolInput("recursion");
console.log (`Source Directory: ${path}`);
console.log (`Filename Pattern: ${filenamePattern}`);
console.log (`File search recursion: ${recursion}`);
console.log (`Version Number/Build Number: ${versionNumber}`);
console.log (`Use Build Number Directly: ${useBuildNumberDirectly}`);
console.log (`Version Filter to extract build number: ${versionRegex}`);
console.log (`Version Format for JSON File: ${versionForJSONFileFormat}`);
console.log (`Field to update (all if empty): ${field}`);
console.log (`Output: Version Number Parameter Name: ${outputversion}`);
// Make sure path to source code directory is available
if (!fs.existsSync(path)) {
tl.error(`Source directory does not exist: ${path}`);
// work out if we need to extract the verson from the build
let jsonVersion = versionNumber; // set the default value
if (useBuildNumberDirectly === false) {
// Get and validate the version data
var regexp = new RegExp(versionRegex);
var versionData = regexp.exec(versionNumber);
if (!versionData) {
// extra check as we don't get zero size array but a null
tl.error(`Could not find version number data in ${versionNumber} that matches ${versionRegex}.`);
switch (versionData.length) {
case 0:
// this is trapped by the null check above
tl.error(`Could not find version number data in ${versionNumber} that matches ${versionRegex}.`);
case 1:
tl.warning(`Found more than instance of version data in ${versionNumber} that matches ${versionRegex}.`);
tl.warning(`Will assume first instance is version.`);
console.log (`Extracting version from the build number`);
var buildVersion = versionData[0];
console.log (`Extracted Build Version: ${buildVersion}`);
jsonVersion = getSplitVersionParts(versionRegex, versionForJSONFileFormat, buildVersion);
} else {
console.log (`Using the provided build number without any further processing`);
console.log (`JSON Version Name will be: ${jsonVersion}`);
// Apply the version to the assembly property files
var files = findFiles(`${path}`, filenamePattern, files, recursion);
if (files.length > 0) {
console.log (`Will apply ${jsonVersion} to ${files.length} files.`);
files.forEach(file => {
ProcessFile(file, field, jsonVersion);
if (outputversion && outputversion.length > 0) {
console.log (`Set the output variable '${outputversion}' with the value ${jsonVersion}`);
tl.setVariable(outputversion, jsonVersion );
} else {
tl.warning("Found no files.");
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