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Find file Copy path
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import * as core from "@actions/core";
import fs = require("fs");
import { findFiles,
} from "./AppyVersionToJSONFileFunctions";
import { version } from "@babel/core";
import { CodeGenerator } from "@babel/generator";
async function run() {
try {
var path = core.getInput("Path");
var versionNumber = core.getInput("VersionNumber");
var field = core.getInput("Field");
var filenamePattern = core.getInput("FilenamePattern");
var recursion = core.getInput("recursion");
var outputversion = core.getInput("outputversion");
core.debug (`Source Directory Filter: ${path}`);
core.debug (`Filename Pattern: ${filenamePattern}`);
core.debug (`File search recursion: ${recursion}`);
core.debug (`Version Number: ${versionNumber}`);
core.debug (`Field to update (all if empty): ${field}`);
path = `${process.env.GITHUB_WORKSPACE}/${path}`;
// Make sure path to source code directory is available
if (!fs.existsSync(path)) {
core.setFailed(`Source directory does not exist: ${path}`);
} else {
core.debug(`Looking for files in directory: ${path}`);
// Apply the version to the assembly property files
var files = findFiles(path, filenamePattern, files, recursion);
if (files.length > 0) {
core.debug (`Will apply ${versionNumber} to ${files.length} files.`);
files.forEach(file => {
ProcessFile(file, field, versionNumber);
} else {
core.warning("Found no files.");
} catch (error) {
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