Is there a reason the template has to be MD? #73

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jabbera commented Feb 7, 2017 edited

Can I make my template html? I'm interested in emailing out release notes and MD is not a great format for that if you are an outlook shop.


rfennell commented Feb 7, 2017

No there is no a reason it has to be markdown. You just need to build a template using HTML tags. All the task does is replace the $build etc. PowerShell Tokens with values by evaluating each line as string in PowerShell.

I had a quick try with a release template (as shown below) and it work OK for me. You can of course made the HTML much neater to get the format you are after

<h1>Release notes for release $defname </h1>
<b>Release Number</b>  : $($  <br>  
<b>Release completed</b> $("{0:dd/MM/yy HH:mm:ss}" -f [datetime]$release.modifiedOn) <br>

<b>Changes since last successful releases to '$stagename'</b> </br>   
<b>Including releases:</b></br>
 $(($releases | select-object -ExpandProperty name) -join ", " )   
<h2>Builds </h2>  
<h3>$($ </h3>  
<b>Build Number</b>  : $($build.buildnumber)    
<b>Build completed</b> $("{0:dd/MM/yy HH:mm:ss}" -f [datetime]$build.finishTime)     
<b>Source Branch</b> $($build.sourceBranch)  
<h3>Associated work items  </h3>
<li> <b>$($widetail.fields.'System.WorkItemType') $($</b> [Assigned by: $($widetail.fields.'System.AssignedTo')] $($widetail.fields.'System.Title')  
<h3>Associated change sets/commits </h3> 
<li> <b>ID $($csdetail.changesetid)$($csdetail.commitid)$($</b> $($csdetail.comment)    

I will update the Wiki tonight to describe this different usage

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@rfennell Added a sample showing an HTML template
A sample that shows the generate release notes task can be used to generate HTML as well as Markdown #73
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Pointing out that you can use other formats for the template
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