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Iceman Fork - Proxmark3

The Proxmark3 is the swiss-army tool of RFID, allowing for interactions with the vast majority of RFID tags on a global scale. Originally built by Jonathan Westhues, the device is now the goto tool for RFID Analysis for the enthusiast. Iceman repository is considered to be the pinnacle of features and functionality, enabling a huge range of extremely useful and convenient commands and LUA scripts to automate chip identification, penetration testing, and programming

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Table of Contents


Installation Use of the Proxmark3
Linux - Setup and Build Compilation Instructions
Linux - Important notes on ModemManager Validating Proxmark3 Client Functionality
macOS - Homebrew & Upgrading HomeBrew Tap Formula First Use and Verification
macOS - MacPorts Commands & Features
macOS - Setup and Build
Windows - Setup and Build
Termux / Android - Setup and Build
iOS - Setup and Build
Blue Shark Manual Command Cheat Sheet
Advanced Compilation Parameters More Cheat Sheets
Troubleshooting Complete Client Command Set
JTAG T5577 Introduction Guide

Notes / helpful documents

Notes on UART Notes on Termux / Android Notes on paths
Notes on frame format Notes on tracelog / wireshark Notes on EMV
Notes on external flash Notes on loclass Notes on Coverity Scan Config & Run
Notes on file formats used with Proxmark3 Notes on MFU binary format Notes on FPGA & ARM
Developing standalone mode Wiki about standalone mode Notes on Magic UID cards
Notes on Color usage Makefile vs CMake Notes on Cloner guns
Notes on cliparser usage Notes on clocks Notes on MIFARE DESFire
Notes on CIPURSE Notes on NDEF type4a Notes on downgrade attacks

How to build?

Proxmark3 RDV4

See the instruction links in the tables above to build, flash and run for your Proxmark3 RDV4 device.

Generic Proxmark3 platforms

In order to build this repo for generic Proxmark3 platforms we urge you to read Advanced compilation parameters

We define generic Proxmark3 platforms as following devices.


  • RDV1, RDV2, RDV3 easy
  • Ryscorp green PCB version
  • Radiowar black PCB version
  • numerous Chinese adapted versions of the RDV3 easy (kkmoon, PiSwords etc)
  • Proxmark3 SE (Special Edition) (BLE enabled)
  • Proxmark3 X
    • Note: Community tested
    • Note: unknown device hw

Not supported

  • ⚠ Proxmark Evolution (EVO)
    • Note: unknown pin assignments.
  • ⚠ Ryscorp Proxmark3 Pro
    • Note: device has different fpga and unknown pin assignments.
    • Note: Company have disappeared, leaving their customers in the dark.

Experimental support

  • ⚠ iCopy-X
    • Note: currently incompatible with iCopy-X GUI as Proxmark client commands using different syntax
    • Note: see also icopyx-community repos for upstream sources, reversed hw etc.
    • Note: Uses DRM to lock down tags, ignores the open source licences. Use on your own risk.

Unknown support status

  • ⚠ VX
    • Note: unknown device hw
  • ⚠ Proxmark3 Ultimate
    • Note: unknown device hw

When it comes to these new unknown models we are depending on the community to report in if this repo works and what they did to make it work.

256KB flash memory size of generic Proxmark3 platforms

Note: You need to keep a eye on how large your ARM chip built-in flash memory is. With 512KB you are fine but if its 256KB you need to compile this repo with even less functionality. When running the ./pm3-flash-all you can see which size your device have if you have the bootloader from this repo installed. Otherwise you will find the size reported in the start message when running the Proxmark3 client ./pm3.

OBS! Read the 256KB flash memory advisory

What has changed?

Proxmark3 RDV4 hardware modifications:

  • added flash memory 256KB
  • added smart card module
  • added FPC connector for peripherals such as Bluetooth+battery addon
  • improved antennas
    • swappable
    • LF Q factor switch
    • LF 125/134 frequency switch
  • tiny PCB form factor
  • ABS case

This repo vs official Proxmark3 repo:

See the Changelog file which we try to keep updated.

In short this repo gives you a completely different user experience when it comes to Proxmark3.

  • Supports command tab complete
  • Richer CLI with use of colors / emojis
  • Help text system implemented everywhere
  • Hints system
  • User preference settings
  • Extensive testing with continuous integration build systems on Linux, OSX and Windows, and regular usage of static analysis tools like
    • Coverity Scan
    • Cppcheck (v2.6)
    • GCC and Clang aggressive enforcement of diagnostic flags
  • Auto detection of serial ports and seamless integration with Bluetooth addon
  • Reconnect to device from inside client
  • Supports tearoff attacks
  • Supports NFC NDEF type1, type2, type4a, type4b, mifare, barcode
  • Supports pm3 client scripts, lua scripts, python scripts
  • Most comprehensive collection of scripts available
  • Wiegand encoding, decoding.
  • Supports EMV
  • Supports CIPURSE
  • Most standalone modes available with easy compilation
  • Extensive test script for client and external tools
  • Most comprehensive compiled known keys dictionaries
  • Slimed down usb communications with NG-frames
  • The most compiled public known key recovery software
  • The fastest implementations of said software
  • Support multiple fileformats for dump files (BIN/EML/JSON)
  • Interoperability of said fileformats with libnfc, MFC tool app etc
  • Supports more RFID based protocols than ever
  • Easy install for package maintainers, distro maintainers
  • Supports cmake, make
  • Builds without errors or warnings on more OS/platforms than ever
  • Available as package on known distros like Gentoo, Kali, Termux, Macports, Homebrew
  • Much more documentation


Note: This is a bleeding edge repository. The maintainers actively is working out of this repository and will be periodically re-structuring the code to make it easier to comprehend, navigate, build, test, and contribute to, so DO expect significant changes to code layout on a regular basis.

👉 Remember! If you intend to contribute to the code, please read the coding style notes first. We usually merge your contributions fast since we do like the idea of getting a functionality in the Proxmark3 and weed out the bugs afterwards.

The public roadmap is an excellent start to read if you are interesting in contributing.

Supported operative systems

This repo compiles nicely on

Precompiled binaries

See Proxmark3 precompiled builds

Proxmark3 GUI

The official PM3-GUI from Gaucho will not work. Not to mention is quite old and not maintained any longer.

Official channels

Where do you find the community?


To all distro, package maintainers, we tried to make your life easier.

make install is now available and if you want to know more.

This document will be helpful for you


Use this bibtex to cite this repository globally:

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If you need to refer to a specific state of the repository, use a commit number or a date of access, e.g.:

  note = {Accessed: commit 12327f71a27da23831901847886aaf20e8ad3ca0}
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Copyright and licensing terms

Each contribution is under the copyright of its author. See AUTHORS.

The Proxmark3 source code is covered by the following licensing terms, usually referred as GPLv3 or later.

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

A copy of the GPLv3 is available in LICENSE.

Some dependencies may be under other free licensing terms compatible with the Proxmark3 licensing terms, see their respective description.