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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<ActiveTarget name="Debug" />
<File name="config/config.xml" open="0" top="0" tabpos="4">
<Cursor position="172" topLine="0" />
<File name="perlxsi.c" open="1" top="0" tabpos="6">
<Cursor position="56" topLine="0" />
<File name="scripts/" open="1" top="0" tabpos="4">
<Cursor position="2938" topLine="95" />
<File name="" open="0" top="0" tabpos="0">
<Cursor position="631" topLine="12" />
<File name="vtiguiApp.cpp" open="0" top="0" tabpos="0">
<Cursor position="493" topLine="1" />
<File name="vtiguiMain.cpp" open="1" top="1" tabpos="3">
<Cursor position="26820" topLine="417" />
<File name="vtiguiMain.h" open="1" top="0" tabpos="5">
<Cursor position="1661" topLine="30" />
<File name="wxperl.cpp" open="1" top="0" tabpos="1">
<Cursor position="0" topLine="0" />
<File name="wxperl.h" open="1" top="0" tabpos="2">
<Cursor position="304" topLine="0" />
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