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RF Random Password Generator 1.3+dev
by Ryan Finnie <ryan@finnie.org>

***** WARNING *****

This code has been unmaintained since circa 2006.
Please use extreme care if you use/integrate it.

* Base requirement is PHP 4.0.1 or above.  Any extra functionality is
  used only if extra library support is detected.
* PHP must be compiled --with-mhash and --with-mcrypt for NT and LM
  hash functionality.
* Crypt function availablity is host-dependant and is checked for
* SHA1 hashing requires PHP 4.3.0 or above, OR --with-mhash.
* MD4 hashing requires PHP be compiled --with-mhash.
* Cracklib support requires PHP be compiled --with-crack.


Version 1.3, Dec  2 2004:
* Added in-code quantity and length limits to prevent hammering server.
* Added some in-code documentation.
* Added cracklib checking (if PHP compiled --with-crack).
* Added MD4 hashing (if PHP compiled --with-mhash).
* Added option for specifying whether similar characters are used.
* Cleaned up "minimum required" section, checkboxes removed.
* Added several informational warnings.

Version 1.2, Feb 23 2004:
* Initial public release (1.0 and 1.1 were in-house).