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Version 0.4.2
* Add gzip support to filelike.wrappers.compress.
Thanks to timcera for the patch.
Version 0.4.1
* Buffer wrapper: support for truncating the underlying file on write-back
* Translate wrapper: allow truncating to zero size
Version 0.4.0
* Add support for truncate() via a primitive _truncate() method
* Increase default buffer size to 64K (was previously a measly 1K)
* Remove old class names, along with their deprecation warnings
Version 0.3.7
* Make __del__ more robust in the case of incomplete initialisation
(e.g. errors in a subclass constructor)
* filelike.wrappers.Buffer: explicitly pass a max_size argument to
SpooledTemporaryFile, with a sensible default value (currently 8KB)
Version 0.3.6
* More robust __del__ method for FileWrapper subclasses
Version 0.3.5
* More robust flushing of Buffer and FlushableBuffer
Version 0.3.4
* More robust mode determination in crypto wrapper
Version 0.3.3
* Windows compatability and testcases
Version 0.3.2
* Various bugfixes and performance improvements
Version 0.3.1
* made Encrypt/Decrypt wrappers work correctly for feedback cipher modes
* removed 'setCipher' method in order to achieve this
Version 0.3.0
* Added support for seek() and tell()
* Added filelike.join() for concatenating several files
into one file-like object
* Added filelike.slice() for accessing a portion of a file
* Added support for context-manager protocol
* Much better support for intermingled reads and writes
* Restructured the 'wrappers' module to provide a consistent
naming scheme
* all wrapper classes are now read-wise verbs, e.g.
Decrypt(f) will decrypt all reads from f, and encrypt
all writes.
* removed 'Cat' in favour of filelike.join
* Switched to new-style classes throughout
Version 0.2.2
* Several patches to Cat thanks to Alan Fairless
Version 0.2.1
* Added function, which tries to open files in
a smart manner (e.g. fetching URLs, transparent unzipping, etc)
Version 0.2.0:
Architectural Changes:
* Moved wrapper classes into filelike.wrappers
* Created filelike.pipeline, which employs operator abuse to compose
file wrappers using a unix pipeline style
Functional Changes:
* Allow _write() to return any unwritten data, which will be cached
for later writing. None may be returned if all data is written.
Also give it a <flushing> argument to indicate when no more data
will be forthcoming
* Validate access mode before reading/writing in FileLikeBase
* Permit seperate reading and writing translation functions for TransFile
* Added the following FileWrapper subclasses:
* PaddedToBlockSizeFile: ensure file's contents meet a blocksize
* Head: similar to unix `head` command
* Cat: similar to unix `cat` command
* BZ2File: similar to that found in the std lib
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