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Don't mess with builtin #1

Suor opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Wouldn't it be cleaner to just provide magic super as drop-in replacement instead of taking it into builtins? Then you just do

from magicsuper import super
# or even
from magicsuper import super as superm

in your module and don't interfere with any 3rd party modules.

rfk commented

True, although it shouldn't break anything in third-party modules since it eventually just proxies through to the original super() function.

I would strongly encourage you not to use this module for anything serious - apart from being a total hack, the runtime overhead will be substantial compared to the normal use of super() with arguments.


Performance considerations should be negligible when methods do some non-trivial work. And this module could be used to write forward compatible code. Of course, magicsuper should reexport buitin under python 3.

rfk commented

Hmm...interesting. I had honestly not considered using it in something like six, it was just done as fun hack.

The performance overhead could be mostly mitigated with some caching, e.g. creating a class attribute/cellvar the first time a function is executed, then using that cached value in subsequent calls.

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