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Next release
- Python 3.2 compatibility.
- A ``mako.directories`` setting is no longer required to use Mako templates
Rationale: Mako template renderers can be specified using an absolute asset
spec. An entire application can be written with such asset specs,
requiring no ordered lookup path.
Bug Fixes
- Make test suite pass on 32-bit systems; closes #286. closes #306.
See also
- The ``pryamid.view.view_config`` decorator did not accept a ``match_params``
predicate argument. See
- The AuthTktCookieHelper could potentially generate Unicode headers
inappropriately when the ``tokens`` argument to remember was used. See
- The AuthTktAuthenticationPolicy did not use a timing-attack-aware string
comparator. See for more info.
- The DummySession in ``pyramid.testing`` now generates a new CSRF token if
one doesn't yet exist.
Backwards Incompatibilities
- Pyramid no longer runs on Python 2.5 (which includes the most recent
release of Jython, and the current version of GAE as of this writing).
- The ``paster`` command is no longer the documented way to create projects,
start the server, or run debugging commands. To create projects from
scaffolds, ``paster create`` is replaced by the ``pcreate`` console script.
To serve up a project, ``paster serve`` is replaced by the ``pserve``
console script. New console scripts named ``pshell``, ``pviews``,
``proutes``, and ``ptweens`` do what their ``paster <commandname>``
equivalents used to do. Rationale: the Paste and PasteScript packages do
not run under Python 3.
- The default WSGI server run as the result of ``pserve`` from newly rendered
scaffolding is now the ``wsgiref`` WSGI server instead of the
``paste.httpserver`` server. Rationale: Rationale: the Paste and
PasteScript packages do not run under Python 3.
- Pyramid no longer depends on the zope.component package, except as a
testing dependency.
- Pyramid now depends on a zope.interface>=3.8.0, WebOb>=1.2dev,
repoze.lru>=0.4, zope.deprecation>=3.5.0, translationstring>=0.4 (for
Python 3 compatibility purposes). It also, as a testing dependency,
depends on WebTest>=1.3.1 for the same reason.
- Pyramid no longer depends on the Paste or PasteScript packages.
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