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Getting started

ScrapySharp has a Web Client able to simulate a real Web browser (handle referrer, cookies …)

Html parsing has to be as natural as possible. So I like to use CSS Selectors and Linq.

This framework wraps HtmlAgilityPack.

Basic examples of CssSelect usages

using System.Linq;
using HtmlAgilityPack;
using ScrapySharp.Extensions;

class Example
    public void Main()
        var divs = html.CssSelect("div");  //all div elements
        var nodes = html.CssSelect("div.content"); //all div elements with css class ‘content’
        var nodes = html.CssSelect("div.widget.monthlist"); //all div elements with the both css class
        var nodes = html.CssSelect("#postPaging"); //all HTML elements with the id postPaging
        var nodes = html.CssSelect("div#postPaging.testClass"); // all HTML elements with the id postPaging and css class testClass

        var nodes = html.CssSelect("div.content > p.para"); //p elements who are direct children of div elements with css class ‘content’

        var nodes = html.CssSelect("input[type=text].login"); // textbox with css class login

Scrapysharp can also simulate a web browser

ScrapingBrowser browser = new ScrapingBrowser();

//set UseDefaultCookiesParser as false if a website returns invalid cookies format
//browser.UseDefaultCookiesParser = false;

WebPage homePage = browser.NavigateToPage(new Uri(""));

PageWebForm form = homePage.FindFormById("sb_form");
form["q"] = "scrapysharp";
form.Method = HttpVerb.Get;
WebPage resultsPage = form.Submit();

HtmlNode[] resultsLinks = resultsPage.Html.CssSelect("div.sb_tlst h3 a").ToArray();

WebPage blogPage = resultsPage.FindLinks(By.Text("romcyber blog | Just another WordPress site")).Single().Click();

Install Scrapysharp in your project

It's easy to use Scrapysharp in your project.

A Nuget package exists on and on myget


Scrapysharp V3 is a reborn.

Old version under GPL license is still on bitbucket

Version 3 is a conversion to .net standard 2.0 and a relicensing.