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Hello, I'm a happy user with your safari extension.
I'm a iOS and django developer.
The django side will output JSON format to iOS side.
Your extension helps me a lot while checking the content django returned.

But currently, I have to check some JSON output with some UTF-8 Chinese string.
for example:
{"patientType": "\u9580\u8a3a"}
which should be
{"patientType": "門診"}

I have no idea how to solve this in an extension development.
But I hope one day I can use your extension for checking JSON with non-English content.
Thanks very much.


I found that it's quite easy fix this by adding a line
obj = eval('"'+obj+'"');
in renderString function before the return line.
the eval will make \u9580 to its original value in Chinese.

ramm commented Mar 27, 2012

Yeah, this is a bit frustrating.

ikodota commented Jun 26, 2012


iplus26 commented Feb 26, 2016

For any one who wants a simple solution, check out this fork by @drfisher

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