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Decentralized Governance Reading List

Getitng Started

A good place to start to understand what is required, taking inspiration of an 18th century effort at governance:

And Fred Ehrsam's blog post:

Alexandra Tran and Steven Elleman - slides from Blockchain at Berkeley: by

An important addition from Arthur Brock on bias in governance: Broken Assumptions of Governance

Aleksandr Bulkin from Coinfund: The Consensus Series, Part I: The Basics of Collectivity Addendum

Patrick McCorry on voting / bribing: A Smart Contract for Boardroom Voting with Maximum Voter Privacy Various Github Projects

Intros from Reflexivity / Consensus Clubs: Decentralised Governance Part 1 Decentralised Governance Part 2 VC Governance How Decentralised Governance Could Disrupt VC

Token Curated Lists / Curation Markets (an increasingly important aspect of governance):

Tim Bansemer: First World Summit for Blockchain Governance, Athens 7th-9th of September 2018:

Projects Building Governance Models


  1. Governance and Network Effects
  2. Apiary: A platform for emergent organizations built on Aragon


  1. Introducing Delphi


  1. Governance


  1. Decentralized Governance First Principles


  1. Politeia


  1. The DFINITY “Blockchain Nervous System”
  2. Future governance? Integrating traditional AI technology into the Blockchain Nervous System


  1. Against On-Chain Governance
  2. The Limits of Crypto-economic Governance
  3. Decentralized Blockchain Governance


  1. Notes on Blockchain Governance
  2. Governance, Part 2: Plutocracy Is Still Bad
  3. Against On-Chain Governance
  4. Some Thoughts On Blockchain Governance
  5. History of Casper Part 1
  6. History of Casper Part 2
  7. History of Casper Part 3
  8. History of Casper Part 4
  9. History of Casper Part 5
  10. Blockchain governance/ governance 101 — Taipei 2017
  11. Carbon Vote


  1. Breaking TCR - Token Curated Registries


  1. Messari White Paper


  1. The myth of the irrational token holder
  2. But how does Tezos compare to...