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#rstats and #TidyTuesday Tweets from rtweet

Data for this week comes from Mike Kearney - author of the awesome rtweet package, as well as several other packages!



Just a heads up, there are A LOT of columns (88!) in this collection - feel free to select whichever are useful for your analysis or interest! Both datasets have the same column types which can be seen below.

variable class
user_id character
status_id character
created_at double
screen_name character
text character
source character
display_text_width double
reply_to_status_id character
reply_to_user_id character
reply_to_screen_name character
is_quote logical
is_retweet logical
favorite_count integer
retweet_count integer
hashtags list
symbols list
urls_url list list
urls_expanded_url list
media_url list list
media_expanded_url list
media_type list
ext_media_url list list
ext_media_expanded_url list
ext_media_type character
mentions_user_id list
mentions_screen_name list
lang character
quoted_status_id character
quoted_text character
quoted_created_at double
quoted_source character
quoted_favorite_count integer
quoted_retweet_count integer
quoted_user_id character
quoted_screen_name character
quoted_name character
quoted_followers_count integer
quoted_friends_count integer
quoted_statuses_count integer
quoted_location character
quoted_description character
quoted_verified logical
retweet_status_id character
retweet_text character
retweet_created_at double
retweet_source character
retweet_favorite_count integer
retweet_retweet_count integer
retweet_user_id character
retweet_screen_name character
retweet_name character
retweet_followers_count integer
retweet_friends_count integer
retweet_statuses_count integer
retweet_location character
retweet_description character
retweet_verified logical
place_url character
place_name character
place_full_name character
place_type character
country character
country_code character
geo_coords list
coords_coords list
bbox_coords list
status_url character
name character
location character
description character
url character
protected logical
followers_count integer
friends_count integer
listed_count integer
statuses_count integer
favourites_count integer
account_created_at double
verified logical
profile_url character
profile_expanded_url character
account_lang character
profile_banner_url character
profile_background_url character
profile_image_url character