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Data Info

Data comes from The Economist GitHub. The following information was taken directly from their GitHub readme.

Space launches

These are the data behind the "space launches" article, The space race is dominated by new contenders.

Principal data came from the Jonathan McDowell's JSR Launch Vehicle Database, available online at

Data files

File Description Source
agencies Space launch providers Jonathan McDowell; The Economist
launches Individual space launches Jonathan McDowell; The Economist



variable definition
tag Harvard or COSPAR id of launch
JD Julian Date of launch
launch_date date of launch
launch_year year of launch
type type of launch vehicle
variant variant of launch vehicle
agency launching agency
state_code launching agency's state
category success (O) or failure (F)
agency_type type of agency


variable definition
agency org phase code
count number of launches
ucode org Ucode
state_code responsible state
type type of org
class class of org
tstart org/phase founding date
tstop org/phase ending date
short_name short name
name full name
location plain english location
error uncertainty in long/lat
parent parent org
short_english_name english short name
english_name english full name
unicode_name unicode full name
agency_type type of agency