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Seattle Pet Names

Seattle's open data portal has a dataset of registered pets here. While they don't include the sex or age of the animal, they were kind enough to leave in the license issue date, animal's name, species, breed, and zip code. This should open up some fun explorations!

h/t to Jacqueline Nolis for sharing this data!

A few articles examined the most popular pet names in 2018, one from Seattle specifically, and another from Australia.

Get the data!

seattle_pets <- readr::read_csv("")

Data Dictionary

variable class description
license_issue_date date Date the animal was registered with Seattle
license_number numeric Unique license number
animals_name character Animal's name
species character Animal's species (dog, cat, goat, etc)
primary_breed character Primary breed of the animal
secondary_breed character Secondary breed if mixed
zip_code numeric Zip code animal registered under
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