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UFO Sightings around the world

This data includes >80,000 recorded UFO "sightings" around the world, including the UFO shape, lat/long and state/country of where the sighting occurred, duration of the "event" and the data_time when it occurred.

Data comes originally from NUFORC, was cleaned and uploaded to Github by Sigmond Axel, and some exploratory plots were created by Jonathan Bouchet a few years back.

H/t to Georgios Karamanis for sharing the data as an issue on Github. If you want to submit a dataset of your own interest, please do so as an Issue on our GitHub! If you do submit a dataset, please drop a link and some context as an issue. Thanks!

Get the data!

ufo_sightings <- readr::read_csv("")

Data Dictionary


variable class description
date_time datetime (mdy h:m) Date time sighting occurred
city_area character City or area of sighting
state character state/region of sighting
country character Country of sighting
ufo_shape character UFO Shape
encounter_length double Encounter length in seconds
described_encounter_length character Encounter length as described (eg 1 hour, etc
description character Description of encounter
date_documented character Date documented
latitude double Latitude
longitude double Longitude
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