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R for Data Science Online Learning Community Stats

In honor of the R4DS Online Learning Community team's recent presentation at useR-2019, here are the stats for the R4DS community from it's founding through the start of July. No user names or user information is included - it is aggregated by date.

See Jesse's talk about founding this community here.

Join us on Slack here or check out our website.

Get the data!

r4ds_members <- readr::read_csv("")

Data Dictionary


variable class description
date date date
total_membership double total Members
full_members double Full members
guests double Guests
daily_active_members double Daily active members
daily_members_posting_messages double Daily members posting messages
weekly_active_members double Weekly active members
weekly_members_posting_messages double Weekly members posting messages
messages_in_public_channels double Messages in public channels
messages_in_private_channels double Messages in private channels
messages_in_shared_channels double Messages in shared channels
messages_in_d_ms double messages in Direct Messages
percent_of_messages_public_channels double percent of messages in public channels
percent_of_messages_private_channels double percent of messages in private channels
percent_of_messages_d_ms double percent of messages in Direct Messages
percent_of_views_public_channels double Percent of Views public channels
percent_of_views_private_channels double Percent of views private channels
percent_of_views_d_ms double Percent of Views DMs
name double Redacted
public_channels_single_workspace double Public channels single workspace
messages_posted double Messages posted
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