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Amusement Park injuries

This week's data is from and the Safer Parks database.

A lot of free text this week, some inconsistent NAs (n/a, N/A) and dates (ymd, dmy). A good chance to do some data cleaning and then take a look at frequency, type of injury, and analyze free text.

Additional data can be found at SaferParks Database

Get the data!

tx_injuries <- readr::read_csv("")

safer_parks <- readr::read_csv("")

Data Dictionary


variable class description
injury_report_rec double Unique Record ID
name_of_operation character Company name
city character City
st character State (all TX)
injury_date character Injury date - note there are some different formats
ride_name character Ride Name
serial_no character Serial number of ride
gender character Gender of the injured individual
age character Age of the injured individual
body_part character Body part injured
alleged_injury character Alleged injury - type of injury
cause_of_injury character Approximate cause of the injury (free text)
other character Anecdotal information in addition to cause of injury


variable class description
acc_id double Unique ID
acc_date character Accident Date
acc_state character Accident State
acc_city character Accident City
fix_port character .
source character Source of injury report
bus_type character Business type
industry_sector character Industry sector
device_category character Device category
device_type character Device type
tradename_or_generic character Common name of the device
manufacturer character Manufacturer of device
num_injured double Num injured
age_youngest double Youngest individual injured
gender character Gender of individual injured
acc_desc character Description of accident
injury_desc character Injury description
report character Report URL
category character Category of accident
mechanical double Mechanical failure (binary NA/1)
op_error double Operator error (binary NA/1)
employee double Employee error (binary NA/1)
notes character Additional notes
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