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Code in CRAN Packages

This week's data is from the CRAN courtesy of Phillip Massicotte.

He analyzed the lines of code and the different languages in all of the R packages on CRAN.

Get the data!

cran_code <- readr::read_csv("")

# Or read in with tidytuesdayR package (
# Either ISO-8601 date or year/week works!
# Install via devtools::install_github("thebioengineer/tidytuesdayR")

tuesdata <- tidytuesdayR::tt_load("2019-11-12")
tuesdata <- tidytuesdayR::tt_load(2019, week = 46)

cran_code <- tuesdata$loc_cran_packages

Data Dictionary


variable class description
file double Number of files
language character Programming Language
blank double Blank Lines
comment double Commented Lines
code double Lines of Code
pkg_name character Package Name
version character Package Version


Phillip's script can be found at his blog.

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