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Consolite Compiler

This program compiles a C-like higher level language to Consolite Assembly. You can the current draft of the language specification here.

What Is Consolite?

Consolite (coming from "Console Lite") is the name I've given to my design of a hobbyist microprocessor and associated toolchain. Consolite's instruction set architecture (ISA) has assembly level instructions for setting colors, drawing pixels on the screen, and receiving input. This makes it suitable for writing games, which is what makes it a "console".

Consolite Specs

  • Display: 256 x 192 pixels, 8-bit color
  • Registers: 16 general purpose, instruction pointer, color, flags
  • Memory: 64KiB main memory, 48KiB video memory

Building and Dependencies

This version of the compiler is written in C++, and uses only the standard library. To build the project just type make.


./compiler SRC DEST